Shipping in an item for repair?


Units can either be brought to our service center in person or be shipped in. If you ship it, we suggest FedEx or UPS and insuring for the full value of the item. If you have the original box for the unit, you may want to use it for shipping. Box the item you are shipping with plenty of padding to prevent damage. Check with your shipping company for proper packaging information. If the packaging gets damaged in any way during shipping, we might need to repackage it for safe return shipping.


Please fill out the shipping form here >
print the page and include it with your unit.  
-If the item is under warranty, be sure to enclose a copy of your proof of purchase.
-If the item is out of warranty, we will charge a minimum non-refundable diagnostic fee when the item arrives with provided credit/debit card information. This fee will go towards the final cost of parts and labor. When the unit is finished being repaired, the shipping cost will be added to the balance due and then charged.
-If the unit is being sent in by a dealer for a customer, please make sure the proof of purchase is the owner's receipt with their information on it. The 'ship to address' is where the unit needs to be shipped back to.

-Please note if original packing box is deemed insufficient, we may need to repack your unit for safe return shipping. 

*Units that are sent in without contact information and are unclaimed for 30 days will be considered abandoned property and will be sold, recycled or disposed of. Make sure to include all contact information*

For receivers: be sure to tighten all the speaker terminals and have at least 2 inches of approved packaging materials.

For subwoofers: be sure to use at least 4 inches of approved packaging materials.